Syeda Fatima Zahra (sa)

A Courtyard

Near a Shrine

The new and beautifully built courtyard of Sayeda Fatimaس at the Imam Aliع shrine. 61,000m2, can take up to 200,000 visitors, plus a massive library, museum, place for zawwars to eat (mudeef), car parks and underground tunnel plus more. The blessed dome of Imam Aliع can be seen from all the different areas of the new extension.

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The Lady of Light

Remembering the Amazing Sermon of Syeda Fatima s.a.
By Dr Mahjabeen Dhala
Shattering Stereotypes!
Curiosity Inspires Learning
Topical Richness
Extracts from the Eloquent Khutba Fadak
From this sermon of Syeda (sa) muslims in every era can learn a most important lesson of how to stand up for Islam when it is in danger of losing direction. She uses powerful words with deep meaning and wisdom. Words that speak to the big picture, the worldview, and the foundation needed for Islam to survive in its true form. Many years later, we see these concepts expanded upon by Imam Ali (as) which can be referred to in his sermons, sayings and letters in the Peak of Eloquence (Nahjul Balagha).

“Praise be to Allah for that which He bestowed (upon us); And thanks be to Him for all that which He inspired; and commended in His Name for that which He Provided: from prevalent favors which He created, And abundant benefactions which He offered and perfect grants which He presented; (such benefactions) that their number is much too plentiful to compute; Bounties too vast to measure; Their limit was too distant to realize; He recommended to them (His creatures) to gain more (of His benefaction) by being grateful for their continuity; He ordained Himself praiseworthy by giving generously to His creatures; I bear witness that there is no God but Allah Who is One without partner, a statement which sincere devotion is made to be its interpretation; hearts guarantee its continuation, and illuminated in the minds is its sensibility. He Who can not be perceived with vision; neither be described with tongues; nor can imagination surround His state.

He originated things but not from anything that existed before them, and created them without examples to follow. Rather, He created them with His might and dispersed them according to His will; not for a need did He create them; nor for a benefit (for Him) did He shape them, But to establish His wisdom, Bring attention to His obedience, manifest His might, lead His creatures to humbly venerate Him, and to exalt His decrees. He then made the reward for His obedience, and punishment for his disobedience, so as to protect His creatures from His Wrath and amass them into His Paradise.

I too bear witness that my Father, Muhammad, is His Slave and Messenger, Whom He chose prior to sending him, named him before sending him; when creatures were still concealed in that which was transcendental, guarded from that which was appalling, and associated with the termination and nonexistence. For Allah the Exalted knew that which was to follow, comprehended that which will come to pass, And realized the place of every event. Allah has sent him (Muhammad) as perfection for His commands, a resolution to accomplish His rule, and an implementation of the decrees of His Mercy. So he found the nations to vary in their faiths; Obsessed by their fires, Worshipping their idols, And denying Allah despite their knowledge of Him. Therefore, Allah illuminated their darkness with my Father, Muhammad, uncovered obscurity from their hearts, and cleared the clouds from their insights. He revealed guidance among the people; So he delivered them from being led astray, led them away from misguidance, guided them to the proper religion, and called them to the straight path.

Allah then chose to recall him back in mercy, love and pre­ference. So, Muhammad is in comfort from the burden of this world, he is surrounded with devoted angels, the satisfaction of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the powerful King.

So may the praise of Allah be upon my Father, His Prophet, Trusted one, the chosen one

from among His creatures, and His sincere friend, and may peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him.” ………..

“Amongst you does He have righteous authority; A covenant He brought unto you, and an heir He left to guard you; That is The eloquent book of Allah; The truthful Quran; The brilliant light; The shining beam; Its insights are indisputable; Its secrets are revealed; Its indications are manifest; and its followers are blessed by it. (The Quran) leads its adherents to goodwill; and Hearing it leads to salvation; with it are the bright divine authorities achieved, His manifest determination acquired, His prohibited decrees avoided; His manifest evidence recognized; His satisfying proofs made apparent, His permissions granted, and His laws written.

So Allah made belief to be purification for you from poly­theism.

He made Prayer an exaltation for you from conceit.

Alms – a purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence.

Fasting – an implantation of devotion.

Pilgrimage – a construction of religion.

Justice – a harmony of the hearts;

Obeying us (Ahlul-Bayt) – management of the nation.

Our leadership (Ahlul-Bayt) – safeguard from disunity.

Jihad (struggle) –  a strengthening of Islam.

Patience – a helping course for deserving (divine) reward.

Ordering goodness (Amr Bil Maruf)­ – public welfare.

Kindness to the parents­ – a safeguard from wrath.

Maintaining close relations with one’s kin – a cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descend­ants.

Retaliation (Qesas) – for sparing blood (souls).

Fulfillment of vows – subjecting oneself to mercy.

Completion of weights and measures – a cause for preventing the neglect of others’ rights.

Forbiddance of drinking wines – an exaltation from atrocity.

Avoiding slander – a veil from curse.

Abandoning theft – a reason for deserving chastity.

Allah has also prohibited polytheism so that one can devote himself to His Lordship.

Therefore, fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam;

Obey Allah in that which He has commanded you to do and that which He has forbidden, for surely those truly fear among His servants, who have knowledge.’

House of Sorrows
The Life of Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra and her Grief
by Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi

Author’s Preface
Praise and gratitude belongs to the Almighty Allah and salutations upon the Prophet of Mercy – Muhammad, and upon his virtuous progeny, who are the guides of mankind.

This book is a summary on the glorious life of the best woman of the two worlds, the mother of the Infallible Imams, Fatimah al-Zahra, the ‘Human Hourie’.

I have divided this book into four chapters and have further arranged the chapters into different sections:

Chapter 1: Circumstances relating to the birth of Sayyidah Zahra, her names and the reasons for these names being attributed to her.

Chapter 2: Her virtues and character, and her marriage to Imam ‘Ali.

Chapter 3: Incidents after the death of the Prophet, her chivalrous sermon, her resistance, and other related topics.

Chapter 4: Her anxiety and grief upon the separation of her honourable father, her will to Imam ‘Ali, and topics relating to her last days.